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Can`t afford Legal Help or consultation click go to danielpeterson.legalshieldassociate.comMOBILE NOTARY OR FINGERPRINTS FEES APPLICABLE & VARIES  ( read details below for requirements )

We offer travel to your location MOBILE service as availability and time permits  

ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR PERSONS BEING FINGERPRINTED! Go to but get guidelines from your requesting agency, job, that is requiring the fingerprinting for background check.  For an additional fee based on distance, number of people fingerprinted, night or day, traffic conditions,Holiday or weekend etc. (fees vary from location to location etc ) ATL Notary can come to your location , a mutual location, work place, college, home, restaurant or any location that is clear enough has a table and chair Wi Fi  or where we can connect an ethernet cord to our laptop to enable us to scan fingerprints . 


 Fees start at a Minimum $25.00 and up  .On longer distances we will lower the fee if the distance is shortened for example you are 30 miles away, and the charge is $125.00 if you split half the distance to 15 miles the fee may decrees for one person down to $62.50. Usually we need a 24-48 hr advance notice or as much as possible but sometimes we do same day if time and circumstances permit . We are closed on snow and ice days where roads are bad, severe weather ie severe thunder storms, hail, tornadoes,holidays and most weekends however we do Saturdays on rare occasions (95% of the time we do no weekends especially for non mobile or limited service )