ATTENTION we are moving to a new location on the Atlanta/Smyrna border line starting FEBRUARY 1ST 2019 TO 2727 PACES FERRY RD, SUITE# 750 ATLANTA, GA. 30339 IN (BLD ONE) take elevator to the 7TH FLOOR ( REGUS OFFICES) NOW WE OFFER FAXING SERVICES Call for an appointment or to see if we have any walk-in time frames for TODAY thanks We areLocated at 2710 Jefferson Street ,Austell,Ga 30168 in suite #5 at the corner of Jefferson Street & Mullberry St. 3 blocks east of the Austell Post Office . We provide in office and mobile services in the following areas Notary Gemalto Livescan Fingerprinting formerly called Cogent, black ink fingerprints on FBI 258 cards and other form cards,I-9 employment verification forms FAX,Legalshield, Postae stamp sells,Field Services,laminations of cards etc and more and ALL mobile come to your location services are an extra cost because we travel to you as ) call for quote payment for mobile services must be made in advance over the phone or by email invoice prior to us coming out call for details please,Fingerprinting, FAX, Legal Sheild legal benefit coverage. Now offering walk in Notary and Fax services from 9AM TO 1:30PM all other times afterwards call to schedule and appointment please Sorry NO WEEKEND / HOLIDAY SERVICE Text or Call ( During day at ( 678) 558-3469. We usually Take calls starting at 8:45am customers can text us a request for appointment that same day early our website is ATLNOTARY.COM ph or text at (678)558-3469 For recorded info after hours call GELMALTO formerly Cogent (GAPS LIVE SCAN EARLY MORNING FINGERPRINTING 5-7 PEOPLE OR MORE FOR SERVICE BETWEEN 9:AM-to 11 AM FOR GROUPS THAT SIZE IF EARLY MORNING SERVICE IS DESIRED) all others for GAPS livescan single or group service 11am- 5:30pm check for availabilty/ appointment. ATL NOTARY providing notary,I-9 Employment verification processing by notary, black ink fingerprinting on cards such as (but not limited to) FBI 258. GAPS livescan fingerprinting via,com (prior registration mandatory before calling scheduling an appointment with ATL NOTARY) ALSO payments for GAPS/COGENT must be paid online adn you must delibertly select on the drop down arrow your payment type which will be CREDIT CARD, AGENCY, OR MONEY ORDER, which if you choose money order you willneed to go get a money order and pay etra to the money order store. We also provide carryout service or aka mobile notary or mobile fingerprinting as time permits.*NOTE* mobile service DOES NOT MEAN it can be done by your mobile cell phone or online but for a FEE we come to your location, job, home,resturant,gym ect you must provide strong internet connection for our technology which needs the internet to take and forward your fingerprints. There is a advance/non refundable fee for this deluxe service often needed for busy people, no transportation,entire staff and employees. ( CALL FOR DETAILS or text at ( 678) 558-3469 for appointment. Recorded information line call anytime (770) 249-3083 NO 24 HR service calls please that number is for frequently asked questions via recording all day or all night phone info only. Proper valid ID required for notary and fingerprinting services. PLEASE be sure to specify for fingerprint service which type you must recieve, cards please say black ink cards when calling or texting us. For Georgia residents, Georgia Job seekers or license seekers who have been informed they must recieve fingerprinting for criminal background check use the term GAPS or LIVESCAN please to help us help you faster. If you have NO CLUE about which you need we are not the source to determine if you do or not. Call your job, or whatever agency or goverrnment power that is demanding you get fingerprinted ( WE ARE ONLY HERE TO DO THE ACTUALLY PHYSICAL FINGERPRINTING FOR Gemalto formerly COGENT. All details, pricing, rules, regulations , whens and whys about why fingerprinted is needed can be answered by the state of Georgia or whomever informed you of the need to be fingerprinted. PLEASE call or text ( 678) 558-3469 for All other listings that possibly may be found are overuled by the info on
2710 Jefferson Street
suite #105
Austell, GA 30168